An Analysis Of County : Life, Death And Politics At Chicago 's Public Hospital

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County: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago’s Public Hospital by a Chicago based physician and health activist David A. Ansell is a very inspirational book because it covers 30 years of Cook County Hospital’s history, beginning in the late 1970s till 2002. Cook County Hospital is an urban public hospital in Chicago that admits patients who are uninsured. Time, space, communication, and identity are portrayed throughout the book. These four factors are important in inter-ethnic relationships between patients and health care providers. Being able to identify these factors in a clinical setting, health care providers can provide more efficient care for all patients. Time is an important factor throughout County and throughout Ansell’s journey as a physician. One night, a surgery resident who was on duty with Dr. Ansell in a trauma unit noticed an asthma patient who fell and broke a rib was breathing heavily and gasping for air. Therefore, he immediately asked Dr. Ansell for help. When Dr. Ansell was examining the patient, he heard a clicking sound with every rapid breath on the patient’s left lung, which is a sign of a collapsed lung. After examining the patient, Dr. Ansell asked the surgery resident if he treated the patient with anything. The surgery resident said he gave the patient an inter-costal block to blunt the pain of the fracture (Ansell, 2001, p. 61). However, “sometimes the needle used to give a nerve block can accidentally puncture the lung and cause it to…

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