Essay An Advertisement Is A Public Form Of An Announcement

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An advertisement is a public form of an announcement to inform people about a product or service being offered usually by a company. Companies use many different techniques to catch the readers attention and to persuade them into purchasing the item. The company Starbucks has been known to use many of these to techniques to sell everything from their coffee to their mugs and gift cards. An ad that is a good example of this is their ad for their light vanilla frappuccino. These are sold in many stores like Walmart or Target. The target audience for this ad is white teenagers who enjoy drinking coffee. This ad uses words and pictures to grab a readers attention. Some of the pictures in this ad uses the appeal of pathos to play with your emotions. The main components of this ad are the word, the product, the pictures in the bottom right corner, the arrow, and the company logo respectively. These components work together to make a very persuasive ad. First thing that grabs a persons attention in this ad would be the words “ It’ll be gone before you know it.” This sentence make you thing that this product is either only available for a limited time or that this product is so good that when you drink it it will be gone really fast. This makes a readerthing the need to run and go by them if they are that good. The words are huge so this is prominent to the ad. In this ad the word before is the largest word. This is done so you know you that you need to hurry before its gone and…

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