An Adolescent State Of Mind Can Be Changed Depending On Their Sibling Experience During The Divorce

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Secondly, an adolescent’s state of mind can be changed depending on their sibling experience during the divorce. Does the amount of siblings’ effect how an adolescent acts during that time period? Is a divorce easier when one is an only child or is it easier when many siblings are involved? There was a study conducted to find out what role each sibling plays in relationships between each other and what kind of support do they give to each other during the separation and divorce of their parents. Sheehan and others pointed out that, “A disharmonious home environment, together with parental rifts, may cause siblings to become closer than they would have otherwise, as a way of compensating for an unsupportive parent-child relationship” (Sheehan et al., 70). Essentially each individual can find comfort and support in each other. They form a bond or coping mechanism to withstand the effects of the divorce. Also while interviewing the participates about their feelings and experience towards a separation or divorce, Sheehan and others reported that the participants said, “…they loved and protected each other, remained faithful to each other, and that their sibling relationship became strong and enduring as a direct result of parental separation and divorce” (Sheehan et al., 71).

On the contrary, each individual may have a negative experience during his or her parents divorce. The purpose of Melissa Jennings and Nina Howes research was to show the relations between siblings during…

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