Amy Vermilion: Generation To Generation

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Generation to Generation Ever wonder what the kids will be like of the next generation to come? So many things change drastically from just the timespan of one generation to the next. A few examples of these differences are social life, communication, entertainment, and education. In some cases, the changes are drastically different. During an interview with Amy Vermilion, born in 1974 and graduated in 1992, she explains and gives readers an insight on just a few aspects of these alterations. For Amy’s generation, social life was quite different from what today’s kids experience. Amy in particular, lived in the country. Her social life consisted of school and school functions. Occasionally there was a slumber party for special occasions such as birthday parties. Every weeknight she had to ride the bus straight home after school. She never went anywhere if there was school the next day. Amy explains that this social life was the same for her friends as well. Joining sports and clubs was pretty much the only way they could socialize aside from regular school hours. On weekends, it was rare to stay in town Friday night and go somewhere, for example, to a movie. Every Sunday, it was a must to go to church with her family. Once Amy was a sophomore …show more content…
It’s safe to say that some students have to make time for school because of such a busy social life. Teenagers often “hang out” with friends as late as dinnertime on weekdays, sometimes longer. Often kids stay the night at a friend’s house even when there is school the next day. Spending time with friends Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night is a completely normal occurrence now a days. It is also common to not get a job because one is just “too busy” with school and friends. In contrast to Amy’s generation of being in sports just to have interactions, sports can become overwhelming for some, so they decide they would have more down time without

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