Amusement Parks On The International Market Essay

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Amusement in America Disney expansion to Shanghai
And Introduction Amusement parks have been created to in order to push the importance of fun. This fun can with be with a family, friends even a school event. Many of America’s popular amusement parks would include six flags, SeaWorld, Bush Gardens and all of the Disney theme parks. In the last decades there has been an increase in the appearance of amusement parks across the world. The economic challenges shift from high unemployment and budget cuts to a rise in tourism in particular areas. Disney has not only created a fun place to but counties to positively impact the economy jobs and Disney has relentlessly tried to keep the memory of Mickey Mouse alive by opening amusement parks on the international market. Through this research paper we will be taking a look at different types of business plans surrounding many of Disney’s most popular parks that have proven to be economically powerful. We will dissect the history of the Walt Disney vision for the parks, expansion of theme parks both domestically and internationally, investments for refreshing many of the parks rides as well as booking system and many other topics. More importantly we will take a further look at the economic factors that will create a challenge and a have a positive impact on the opening of the Shanghai 2016 theme park.
We can’t talk about Disney theme parks without talking about the master mind beyond the parks beginning’s. Walt Disney changed the…

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