Americans Love Guns And Americans Hate Guns Essay examples

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Americans love guns and Americans hate guns. There is a perplexing relationship within the American people and their desire for guns. American citizens are aware of the danger that follows with gun use, but still advocate to keep them legal within the states. The gruesome massacres that have occurred within American schools such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, as well as the massacre that recently occurred in Orlando, Florida at club Pulse, somehow do not resonate with the fact that this country has a very serious gun problem. The United States must figure out logical ways to make access to guns harder such as disallowing someone who has been on a FBI watch list from ever purchasing weapons. To solidify the stance on limiting gun access, the United States is in need of more extensive background checks when someone is purchasing a gun as well as making background checks mandatory during private sales to prevent anyone who is not ‘legally’ allowed to purchase a gun, obtain one. The United States of America must follow in the footsteps of places like Australia and Europe, to make access to guns either more difficult or impossible in order to establish a country where its citizens do not have to fear their lives every time they are in public. Gun violence is on the rise, and is has been for quite some time. Civilians of the United States inflict harm on one another, which creates the notion that we do not live in a ‘safe’ country. Guns are used in two-thirds of all U.S.…

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