Business Ethics Case Study: The American Tool And Die

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The decision concerning the termination or the moving of the company from Michigan to Mississippi seems to be a controversial one in this case. From one perspective, the American Tool & Die (AT&D) has a profound culture and tradition that it values intensively. That is the culture of sustaining the local population that it has served as regards to generations since it was established in the year 1912. However, there is a dire need for discussion at the company level before alternative stakeholders are into the process (Barret, 2009). There are two prime characters that are expected to make and facilitate the presentation of the decision in front of the organisation. From this context, the father and the daughter are of ultimate importance to the company.
First, the Father has a lengthy history and experience working
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The most imperative members of this group of decision making include the President (Muller), her Father, and a superior representative from the Union. Others include the heads of departments in the company and some respected and ethical business men in the society.
There is a reasonable rationale behind the selection of each member of the group that will make the final decision that the company has to make (Saaty, 2008). First, the union representative will have to be a worker at the company. All the heads of departments have to be present since they represent the operational ability of the company. The president and the father have to be there since it is their company that intends to make strategic and informed decisions. The respected businessmen must have a lengthy relationship with the company. These are potential members who are likely to form a productive decision-making

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