American Sniper By Chris Kyle Essay

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Films about war have always caught my attention. American Sniper was no different. American Sniper is a film that was released in 2015, based on the book written by Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle is known as the most lethal sniper in American history. He was a United States Navy SEAL, joining the elite squad when he was 25 years old. By his own account, Chris Kyle says he killed 160 enemies while protecting our military men. His primary mission was to protect his comrades and he took his mission to heart. His accuracy saved countless numbers of lives and made him a primary target of the enemies. His skill landed him four tours in Iraq fighting for our country. When he returns home from war after an honorable discharge in 2009, he finds it difficult to leave the war behind. When I sat down to watch American Sniper, I expected the typical war movie, only semi-realistic. American Sniper blew me away. When I review a film, I look at the realism of the film, the acting, the plot, the setting, and most importantly the symbolism or deeper meaning of a film.
The realism of a film is an important aspect for me. I like for the film to look like it’s something that is actually happening. American Sniper’s graphics allowed for the film to look like it was live in action. There were a few parts that could have been more real. For example, there were a couple of places where the troops were wearing incorrect gear and/or uniforms. This is the only aspect of the movie where I feel as though it…

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