American Should Continue Their Education Essay example

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In an arguably topic if every American should continue their education by going to college. I argue both answers, to get a better view on the topics, making my final decision. Throughout the ages of slight intelligence of Earth till now, a revolted constitution. Learning from the Earth 's history, making a proper institution, finally making a Roman Republicanism which is a democracy. Building a government off of this idea,and perfecting for centuries. As Francis Bacon once said "knowledge is power". The first college (Harvard University) in 1693 to Since Nikola Tesla 1890s "Father of modern technology" to now. The education was represented as an apple, it stand for knowledge dating back to Adam and Eve. Many people throughout history found a new discoveries, and wanting to teach the world world, and show off their creation or discovery. Colleges represents high education in our society. Society can either give off the idea of going to college or not. Most of society go to college, because they want to go further into their education, or the build a career. College is a place to let the human brain to collect more information, exploring what an individual may take a liking to. My overall proposition is making every American citizen to continue their education by going to college. Unlike immigrants, sometimes can 't continue their education because of their own status in the country. Every human being is competitive to a certain objective they choose. Everything in the…

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