American School Affects Assimilation Of Chinese International Students And How It Helps Them

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Topic: How does early exposure to American school affects acculturation of Chinese international students and how it helps them in American university?

According to a new report, "Charting new pathways to higher education: International secondary students in the United States." , published by the Institute of International Education, most of the nearly 49,000 diploma-seeking students at U.S high schools are from Asia. Among them, 46% came from China.

These days, coming to U.S to pursue a high school diploma became more and more popular in China. Some of the students came to U.S because of their parents. Usually, in this case, their parents got a job in U.S or were going to start a company in U.S. Others enrolled in American high school at such an early age to pursue their dream of attending a top American university, since it is said that it would be easier to enroll in a good American university from American high schools. Still, there was a small group of people who came to American just for the love of American style of education.

Though the fact that more students come to U.S. for high school, parents are still not sure whether sending their kids to American high school is worthwhile. The one thing they focus on is the acculturation process of students. On one hand, they thought young kids would get used to American culture more easily; on the other hand, they still worried that young kids would be affected by bad influences more easily. Thus, finding…

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