American Red Cross : Origin And Purpose Essay

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American Red Cross
Origin and Purpose
In 1863, Switzerland adopted the International Red Cross (Rosenberg, n.d., para, 2). Going off of that idea, Clara Barton, a military nurse of the Civil War, founded the American Red Cross (ARC) in 1881, originally named American Association of the Red Cross (Rosenberg, n.d., para. 1). ARC is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organization (Bancuk, n.d., para 1). “The American Red Cross jumped into its first disaster relief operation when they responded to devastation caused by major forest fires in Michigan (Rosenberg, n.d., para 3).” Natural disaster wreckage is only part of what the Red Cross aims to assist with. They still continue to assist military members and their families and veterans. They also volunteer to help in man-made disasters such as a bombing. The humanitarian organization’s mission states that “the fundamental principal of the International Red Cross Movement will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies (Red Cross Blood, n.d., para. 1).” Anytime a disaster puts a family, town, state, or country in a dangerous situation, the American Red Cross helps bring them to safety. If a disaster is not predicted, such as a terrorist attack or a house fire, ARC will respond to the emergency immediately and will gather the necessary material for the situation.
ARC National Relief
ARC receives donations and compiles supplies that may be needed for future…

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