American Pageant Dbq Analysis

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The loyalists of colonial America were supporters of remaining a largely autonomous protectorate under the British Empire, rather than vying for the creation of a Republic. For many these reasons originated from logic and what seemed to be the most advantageous for the colonial peoples. An Anglican minister by the name of Charles Inglis wrote, during this time period, that remaining under the rule of the monarchy was the best course of action. He cited the great strength of the British Army and the dire consequences for the colonists should resources be allocated for war, and should the revolution fail [Doc 1]. To stand up to the armed forces of the British Empire would logically cause massive amounts of destruction in the American …show more content…
Yet for others, these reasons to stay stemmed from loyalty and gratitude to the Empire. An anonymous writer from Pennsylvania claims that it was indeed the British who allowed for the colonists to flourish in the new world, and that it was indeed the British who bolsteredallowed for their economic growth and their protection [Doc 2]. This was written even before the previous document, and thus was a time when “inflammatory publications” were some of the only displays of hostility to the crown, and a time when stopping would have allowed for avoidance of war. The fact that his loyalties were derived from the positive actions of their “mother country” would have provided reason for his readers to think about terminating the revolution as well. Between the two documents, one of which highlights the brutal/harshvery real consequences of military action, the and another of which questions the necessity of rebellion, it can be concluded that at the time, remaining on good terms with the British Empire was really the best course of action for the

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