American Identity In The 1900's

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The American identity was finely sculpted into its unique persona in the first half of the 20th century. This period had many distinct events that transformed how the lives of American citizens were perpetrated. America before the 1900’s was viewed as a lower middle class migration pit for immigrants who couldn’t go on with the injustice they were facing in their home countries, and would rather go to the U.S. to try and create a life for themselves. The view of American life was significantly altered, however, in the early and mid-1900’s. The Americans strived to become a more advanced and adaptable society through the conflicts of world wars, an unpredictably fluctuating economy, and industrialization to become a strong and independent nation that met it’s full potential. Woodrow Wilson stated in his message to congress to join World War I, “Our motive will not be revenge or the victorious assertion of the physical might of the nation, but only the …show more content…
The amount of U.S. citizens alone from 1870-1920 increased more than two times, going from just 40 million to 100 million citizens. This new plethora of capable hands caused an upsurge of jobs. The railroad was a large beneficiary of this upsurge in jobs with the amount of railroads jumping from just spanning 9,000 miles to a staggering near 200,000 miles. The industrialization also brought forth many new technologies for citizens such as automobiles, radios, and electric washing machines. These inventions on there own led to many new ideas and creations, which is why this time resulted in industrialization. It brought forward not just the industrialization but it also brought forward urbanization. In 1870 only ¼ of U.S. citizens lived in an urban area, however it had a vast increase to ½ of citizens by 1920. This jump lead to a much closer and tight knit community that were powerful and didn’t need outside

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