Woodrow Wilson's Blunder Analysis

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Wilson’s blunder
Like Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson is one of the best presidents who just served at a bad time as claimed by Kendrick A. Clements, a historian formerly at the University of South Carolina. Clements praises the Wilson administration for its foreign policies and helping America emerge as a world power. Jim Powell of the Cato Institute, on the other hand has a different opinion. According to Powell, Wilson is the worst president in American history. He says, in his need to join the League of Nations, Wilson refused to see that the members of the League would only comprise of winners and their allies of war, which he said would prevent future wars. Powell puts Wilson responsible for millions of deaths and “responsible for the rise of the most murderous dictators who ever lived,” referring to Hitler, Lenin and Stalin. He quotes Wilson himself as he says that Wilson was far from helping “make the world a better place.”
While Clements talks about how Wilson got involved only towards the end of the war, Powell reminds us that Wilson did not have an effective case to present for the declaration of war in the congress until then. Although Wilson claimed neutrality, every step Wilson took moved America towards war as he placed difficult situations that would put the Germans at a huge disadvantage (Powell). Historian Martin Gilbert reports that about 750,000 German civilians suffered because of the blockade.
Historian Thomas E. Woods explains that, vessels containing for civilians is not contraband for anyone and the British
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The congressman introduced a resolution in the Congress asking the president to warn Americans from travelling on belligerent ships, and if they did, they would so on their own risk. Wilson refused, and used all his power and threats to defeat the resolution

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