American History X Movie Essay

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The movie „American History X“ was directed by Tony Kaye and released in 1998.
It deals with the story of two brothers, Derek and Danny, who became involved in the neo-Nazi movement, after their father was murdered by an Afro American. Derek ends up in prison, because he killed two Afro Americans, who broke in his car and tried to steal it. Derek shoots one of them several times in his chest and told the other one to lay his head on the sidewalk breaking his neck and causing him to die. The police arrest him because of voluntary manslaughter. In prison Derek befriends himself with an Afro American, who also has to do the laundry. Because of their friendship Derek gets raped by other neo-Nazis, causing him to overthink his previous actions against
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member who does not eat black jelly beans, which shows how limited he thinks and that his is just a follower of the movement. Furthermore it suggests that he projects his insecurity about his weight into hate against other races. Another big scene is in 34:00 in which Derek talks to younger D.O.C. members and tells them that Afro Americans are parasites. Furthermore he says that the „real Americans“ are the victims and that is why they are planing to attack a supermarket in which Afro Americans are working. The D.O.C are very violent against the employees for example a group abuses a single female Afro American employee, others attack a Mexican employee. This single scene illustrates how radical their actions against „non-whites“ are. Moreover it shows that the D.O.C are enjoying treating others violently and informing them that they are better than them. While Derek is in prison he befriends himself with an Afro American who tells him the reason why he is in prison. He tried to steal a TV, got arrested and the TV fell on the officer´s feet causing it to break. Later in the courtroom the policeman said that the Afro American threw the TV at him. Now he has to stay six years in prison. Derek realize how ironic it is that he has killed two humans and only has to stay three years. The court´s result shows how badly Afro Americans are treated by the police and the court. In comparison to Derek who killed two human and has to stays as half as long as the Afro American who stole a

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