Examples Of Prejudice In The Movie Crash

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Crash combines all types of people and uses society stereotypes to explain the plot of a difficult topic. The setting is in Los Angeles, California showing stereotypes depicting society’s biggest weakness. Discrimination is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about. The movie Crash uses complex characters who engage in all forms of discrimination against all kinds of people. The movie uses irony as a focus method to promote human relationships during times of life and death.
Character Reviews
I. Officer John Ryan played by Matt Dillon would probably be considered a racist cop who takes advantage of his power to bully people of color. During the move Officer Ryan used a general description of a stolen vehicle to pull
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Christine Thayer played by Thandie Newton is the character who was in the SUV when it was pulled over by Officer Hansen and Officer Ryan. She is the wife of Cameron. Christine was sodomized during the traffic stop and saved by Officer Ryan towards the end of the movie. Her character finds it hard to understand why her husband is such a passive aggressive character. She sees him as week because he doesn’t stand up to the cops during the traffic stop. She sees her husband as week and unwilling to stand up to racism. She is the character who is saved by the same Officer Ryan, when she is in a car accident. She finds herself upside down with the seatbelt jammed. The car is spilling gas towards the other car that is on fire. Officer Ryan saves her from the car by diving back in before the car explodes. Christine is bewildered at why Officer Ryan would be saving someone of African American …show more content…
Anthony played by Ludacris is a disgruntled African American who finds prejudice in almost anything. He views the word from the point of view of a misguided young auto thief. Anthony and his accomplice stole many vehicles throughout the movie. During a critical part of the movie, Anthony tries to steal Cameron Thayer’s SUV. Thayer steals Anthony’s gun and explains why Anthony is going to get another chance at life. Thayer was about to let him go when a police chase takes place and the officers think both are trying to steal the vehicle. After the police chase the movie flashes to Anthony riding the public bus instead of carjacking

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