Stereotypes In Crash Bend

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Crash Coogan is the 3rd most monstrous, TRIBEless shell of a person after I have read a book on. This is behind a rapist and a woman who killed her niece, daughter, and large sections of her dominion’s population. The reason that he is barely behind these savages, is the large amounts of horrible actions he does to the decent people of his middle school. Although, at least, Coogan only affected a few with this behavior. On the other hand, these unlucky few include what seems to have been an entire (now wounded) football team.

People know the jokes that psychologists take things back to the beginning (sometimes to humorous results.) In this case, though, one has to wonder if this has affected him since birth by the way he bullied the young Penn Web. From attacking him with water guns, knowing he is a Quaker, to calling him poor, he efficiently and consistently has been unkind to the young man. Yet even when given a friend, in the form of fellow monster Mike Taluka, he amplified his rage. He would do everything from giving him ‘Kick me’ signs, to filling his shoes with mustard. Despite this, Penn is just the 1st of many, many targets.

We’ll go to his largest group of victims: an opposing football team. At the game, instead of just beating them, he destroyed his unwitting victims.
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In the carnage of that football game, fueled by the anger of Penn’s loving parents, he shows excellence by charging through the game and breaking the team record. Clearly, this would also require him to use teamwork to get through these people by strategically passing. But strangest of all, he actually showed respect to his grandfather. His service, his love, and everything about him made Crash feel that Scooter deserved his utmost love and respect. At the very least, he selectively follows the values of Teamwork and Respect. Infact, as new information has surfaced, he has even begun scaling back his attacks on

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