American History Classes And Textbooks Essay

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As we look into American history classes we see a common core across the country. Our students learn from the time America was founded to current events today. In our history classes we are taught from textbooks that are prolonged and biased towards the white man. The educational board needs to add other perspectives to history classes and textbooks because this will expand the future generation 's knowledge of others cultures, ethnicities, sex and points of view. All across the United States history classes are a requirement for all high school graduates to take. Most high school graduates don’t remember what they learned in their history classes after a few years of being out of school. If the history classes were more centered around cultures and ethnicities more people would be intrigued to learn about our history in America. The textbooks we teach from only touch basis with the white man’s culture. America was founded by the Indians before the white man stepped foot on American soil. Looking into the textbooks we never see what happened to the Indian culture all we can do is make assumptions. In chapters on the post-war period — right at the moment of the greatest white incursion onto Native lands in United States history— the Indian presence mysteriously disappears.” (Raphael) If the textbooks and the teachers taught about all ethnicities and cultures this would make all students want to learn about history. Since the common core of our history classes is about the…

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