Native American Contributions To Society

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The Native Americans have had a tumultuous history in the united states. They have had their land stolen away from them and their identities almost vanish from history or their culture identity be reduced almost to a headdress that one might see around Halloween. The Native American people as a whole have suffered so much but have almost been reduced to early colonial history. The Native Americans have been reduced to mere history books instead of an actual group of people still living. The clips which were shown were of things that happen to the native people. The government have forcibly taken their land and homes, which the Native 's were housed there far before the settlers came to the colonies. The Native 's have always tried …show more content…
No one is taught about the contributions that the Natives contributed to American society. Unless we talk about colonialism and up until the mid 1840s in the west the only time we discuss Native Americans is at Thanksgiving time and when anyone watches the Disney movie Pocahontas. The Natives always had their own and tried not to assimilate into American society, something the slaves had no choice but to do when freed. The Natives tried to keep their Identity while also adapting to the new ideas the settlers forced them to have in regards to their government, culture and even themselves. The U.S. government took Native kids and put them into boarding school to “civilize” them. The stripped away the children heritage and created a disconnect between future generations and their culture further killing off their identity. Or the busing of Native families from tribes to cities in the United States and still erasing the Native people 's identity from the land. The view of these people as savages comes from the inferior tittle the settlers placed on the Natives for being different. The government went so far as to tell the Indians that they could not look for gold on their own land still baffles me and how they just moved a whole tribe from the south to the Midwest. Without these videos the Native 's history will be further placed back in history,. Though in present day the Native tribes have their own government while still adhering to federal law that should does not depute the wiping out of American Indians from this lands makeup. The Native Americans have long endured pain, suffering and almost complete devastation to the preservation of their

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