American History : American Thievery Essay

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American Thievery
People usually describe how the American empire came to be as something legendary. However, the true story of America’s upbringing is actually quite grim. America’s empire materialized through the constant expansion of the frontier and imperialism. If the world continues to live in a false reality on how America came to power, the atrocities committed in the past may repeat themselves in the present. In order to prevent future wrongdoings, it is crucial to understand that America established itself as an empire through the exploitation and slaughtering of Native Americans, annexation of foreign lands, and involvement in foreign affairs.
To start off, American imperialism began during the 17th century through the exploitation and slaughtering of the Native American people. The American people gained extensive knowledge on farming from the natives. After they had acquired all of the obtainable information that they needed to survive, the American people turned on the natives and slaughtered them. At first, the American settlers had no intention of exploiting the native American people. The objective of the American people was to simply colonize the newly found lands and expand into new territory. When famine became widespread due to a shortage of food, the leader of Jamestown, John Smith, called out to the Native American people for help. As stated in the prelude of John Smith’s Description of Virginia, “Without his contributions of food, the…

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