American Food Should Be Good Essay

750 Words Oct 27th, 2015 3 Pages
When I went to America, I was really worried and terrified, because I can not cook very well. When I came here, I had to cook by myself. I just can do some simple food like ramon noodle and fried rice, but they are not delicious at all. On this time, I really miss the food of my hometown, especially the dishes my mom cooked. Even though my friends took me to some Chinese restaurants, I do not like them.

In my mind, I think American food should be really good. Usually, American foods are sweet, and I like sweet food, such as candy and chocolate, but when I come here, I feel the food are too sweet. I can not bear it. Thus, everyday, when my friends ask me to go out to restaurants with them, I do not want to go with them. I just cook by myself. My friends told me that maybe we can go to Chinese restaurants. In my mind, I think maybe the Chinese food is not good in America. I am not sure the food is more delicious than Chinese food. That day, I went to a Chinese restaurant with my friends. When I tried it, although it is good, I still think is not as good as Chinese food in my hometown. In my thinking, Chinese food of America should be similar with normal Chinese food. However, in America, the most people are American, so the Chinese food are changed, because if the food want to sell a good price, they must to change the taste. The taste should proper with local American. So they are mild and not spicy at all. As a Chinese, when I try this food, I can tell the difference with…

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