American Beauty Standards Versus American Women Essay

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American Beauty Standards Compared to Korean Beauty Standards
Both Koreans and American have similar idea of the perfect body. American women tend to want a flat stomach, long legs and a very low weight. However, this ideal body is physically impossible to achieve for a large percentage of American women. For example, if the shows on TV channels like TLC, show how unrealistic it is to attain this goal. Like the show Botched, that shows the extent people would go to look a certain way to be accepted as “beautiful”. The same goes for men, the picture-perfect body to men is labeled as being tall, tan, full muscle tone and visible abdominal muscles. In Korea, women want to be short and thin with small busts. Being petite is thought to be most good-looking to these women. Korean and American women both view thinner women as more appealing than bigger women. Korean and American men also expected to have fit and muscular bodies. While Korean men may be of a small build, the muscle tone and strength of Korean and American men are very comparable.
In addition, small noses and big eyes are considered attractive to females of both countries. Having a perfectly placed and slender nose plays an essential role in constructing people, particularly women, feel more attractive. While it is not essentially considered unappealing to have a larger nose, it is desirable to have a smaller nose. One of the most popular plastic surgeries is rhinoplasty: the enhancement of the nose to…

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