African American Beauty Culture

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¨ I don't believe that makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.” -said Sharon Stone. Many women nowadays believe that to be truly beautiful they need makeup or to be skinny and curvy at the same time. ¨ A woman can always look younger than she really is.¨ - from Beauty Culture source. When the ancient Egyptians first started inventing makeup they did not have all the types of makeup that they had today they didn't have the techniques they have nowadays either.
The use of products to enhance physical beauty has evolved throughout the years, just as the ideal of beauty has.
People use makeup to feel beautiful. People can contour their makeup to
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In Brazil their women tend to have more of a triangular body shape. “ To be a Brazilian beauty you need more curves; you are at least a size 8,” (Willis 62) Which means they want “long glossy hair, a good body, and a dazzling smile. But the most important is… here it comes again… the ass. A good ass.” (Willis 62) For African Americans it is more hourglass, “African American perspective that for one to be healthy, he or she must be at least well proportioned (with noticeable hips, stomach, thighs, and breasts)” (Willis 76). It is the same for Latinos and Hispanics. Not very male from these places is like that. That is just what a study said what is commonly admired. They all have body ratios. America has all different kinds though, we don't have just a certain …show more content…
Which is why we have obesity. Which is why more American men find more of a average (not thin or plump) female attractive. In areas who do not have an abundant amount of food they tend to find more curvey girls attractive. In America the models are petite but gorgeous. Having these models like this is teaching young girls that you have to be petite to be a model or to be gorgeous. This is why modeling companies are starting to come out with “curvy” models. To show women that whatever you look like that you are beautiful in your own way. You don’t have to fit a certain proportion to be beautiful. But women will never truly believe this. No women will ever be the same size as another or look the same, they can be close but not everything will be the

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