American Based Their Diet Of Processed Food Essay

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American based their diet in processed food and every processed food had a big amount of sugar that can cause diseases like obesity, heart diseases, alzheimer, liver problems, diabetes and others. One of the problems with sugar is that make Americans sick without their knowledge. Also, sugar is addictive and life without it is impossible. Americans have to know the way to change their diet. It is hard to avoid processed food when Americans do not have time to cook because of their life style. Unfortunately, processed food is cheaper than any other type of food. Drinking soda or fruit flavored punches don’t satisfied the thirst moreover gives you more thirst. Sugar is equal dangerous and have the same effects than smoke cigarettes and consume drugs. Consume sugar in excessive amounts per day have a significant effect in Americans daily life. Americans should be aware of the diseases caused by their eating habits, therefore; they should be more conscious of what their eat and change their diet. One of the biggest concerns in America caused by the excessive consumption of sugar is obesity. In America, the obesity rates had increase in the last decades and it affects different on people depending on the race, gender, and age. According to Harvard TH. Chain, school of public health: “The poor have higher rates than those with higher income. Those with less education have higher rates than those with more education.”(Harvard TH. Chain) People with lease income buy more processed…

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