Causes Of Type One, And Type 2 Diabetes

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Most people feel like a new plan is rather hard and vigorous. Then you have those that feel like they can eat however they want to as long as they workout that they will be just fine. Both of these have proven to be false. There are many reasons that a person should start, keep, and maintain a diet. Ok so most people know that diabetes is a growing epidemic and will be around until mankind no longer exists. There are two types of this epidemic. Type one and type two diabetes. Type one diabetes is where the pancreas produces little to no insulin. The symptoms are: frequent urination, thirst, hunger, fatigue, and lured vision. Type one diabetes occurs mostly in adolescents or youth so it starts very early. There are about two hundred thousand …show more content…
Regular dieting and also exercising is a step towards preventing type one diabetes. Then you have what is known as type two diabetes, which is a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar. In type two diabetes the whole body is affected either it does not produce enough insulin for the body or either the body resists all insulin that it used to maintain. Ninety percent of diabetes patients have type two diabetes. Last year alone, there were more than five million reported cases of diabetes eighty three percent of those cases were type 2 diabetes. Also known as the most common form of diabetes and can last for years on end. People with type two diabetes may experience blurred vision, poor wound healing, and also weight gain. There will also be other parts of the body affected as well, such as: skin, heart, and kidneys. There are also a number of self-treatments to prevent catching or getting type two diabetes one is making sure that dieting is part of the plan and also exercising. Knowing that the power to prevent diabetes is in the hands of ones will is great. Creating a sound mind is the first step in creating a diet. Weight loss is probably the most common reason for wanting to get started with a …show more content…
When eating the fruit it is recommended that two to three servings be consumed a day in every diet. Also the standards and variety of the type of foods in one’s diet has to be changed. Going from eating fast food and junk food to eating fruits, vegetables, and baked items instead of fried foods. Also food borne illnesses play a large role in determining food in a diet. There are some foods that one risks a higher chance tof food poisoning when eating or consuming. Take Kelsey for example, Kelsey loves to eat sushi, but what Kelsey fails to realize is that Sushi is basically rice and raw seafood. Any raw meat is potentially dangerous, but seafood is considered to be one of the worst because salmonella may be in sushi because it is already raw. Salmonella is a bacteria that takes thousands of lives each year because it is so strong. It overpowers the body by first poisoning the bloodstream. This is why, most raw foods should not be consumed, and it gives bacteria such as salmonella a chance o grow at a rapid rate. Fast food is also a number one reason that most Americans today have a hard time getting or even maintaining a diet. Most people hear that McDonalds is bad for you, but never even think to look up what is really in their

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