Essay about America 's New Aliens Transition From Nigerian American Life

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Many people characterize their home as safe, secure, or at least comforting. My home was a bit … different. After leaving their home in Nigeria, my parents had to jump from home to home constantly moving me and my family until they could learn how to properly settle in America. My parents were very caring and helpful and kept trying to move us to places where we would have a chance at success. When we finally settled their seemed to only be one logical thing to do... help other immigrants settle here! So my parents began to help new aliens transition from Nigerian to American life by helping them buy homes, move to good cities, find jobs and assure success in America! While it may seem like a kind and selfless act, this did dramatically affect the environment I grew up in. My parents could only do so much to help our Nigerian guests with our limited resources. So when my dad got a job offer in Virginia, my mom delegated some of the work to me and my siblings. We had to constantly help these foreigners with dozens of difficulties such as understanding political issues going on at the time or translating an application 's “Terms of Services” from Yoruba to English. This was very time consuming considering how we normally had at least one immigrant family in our home every other month. Whenever I came home from school I couldn 't hang out with my friends or do my homework because I knew I had to likely babysit their children while they were out job hunting. My…

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