Essay on America 's Love With Julia

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John is a fourteen years old that went to Abraham High school. He met Julia when they went to Washington middle school together, but they were never talked to each other. They had gym and health classes together for a semester. John fell in love with Julia when they were walking together, but that was also the first time and the last he got to talk to her in his freshman year .
John found it awkward when they were alone so they did not talk so much and the same goes for Julia. Julia did not like John for some reason and John did not know why, so every time he tried to talk to her, she just walked away from him, and it did not seem to work out.
John thinks of her about every day why did he fell in love with Julia, in the morning, afternoon or at night. Something people would call love. John does not know if it is a crush or love because he cannot really tell. Sometimes he does not eat anything or he loses his appetites just because of how he fell in love with her. All he does is thinking about all her all day long.
Julia is younger than John one year old, she is very smart, she is really beautiful when she smiles, she has a sense of humor, and her hair is really beautiful just like a peacock. She was fourteen years old when she was in her freshman year.
John always takes a sneak look at Julia in class or whenever he gets a chance to, it is not because he is creepy but he just cannot take his eyes off of her. The way Julia dress is really simple. She wears jeans and a…

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