America 's Growing Up, By The Brave Heroes Of This Century : Buzz Lightyear

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Growing up, I was always inspired by the brave heroes of this century: Buzz Lightyear for his leadership, Ellie Fredrickson for her sense of adventure, and of course, Mike Wazowski, for his… realness. As a freshman in college, I find myself relating to Mike as he attempts to successfully navigate his way through the rigorous scare program at Monsters University. In an attempt to prove himself, Mike enlists a seemingly weak fraternity of misfits into the ultra competitive Scare Games. Ultimately, Sully cheats in the tournament because he is so afraid of failing for Mike’s sake. This situation might sound all too familiar if you’ve ever played a sport, participated in a competition or even gone to school. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that more than 90% of high school students claim to have cheated in school one way or another according to a Rutgers University survey. By refocusing the academic culture to be more accepting of failure instead of just implementing honor codes emphasizing honesty, schools can reduce cheating much more effectively.
New York Times journalist Maura J Casey claims that schools can reduce cheating by encouraging honesty and integrity. In this day in age, cheating has unfortunately become the norm. Students feel so pressured into doing well in school that they would rather cheat on an assignment than risk getting a bad grade. Despite making these poor choices, they are not bad students- just made bad decision makers. Ultimately, Casey argues…

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