America 's Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Society The privileges that I have and I don’t give much thought to are: have freedom of speech, I can say what I want living in America. I can eat when or what I want to eat, nobody can tell me what to eat or not except my parents but I still eat what I want. The freedom of driving whenever or where ever I desire. I am free do drive to Los Angeles when I feel like it, if I want to drive to Mexico, I have the freedom to do so if I have enough gas. I can apply to a job that I know I qualify to, I know I qualify for all the lower pay jobs because I am legal in the U.S.A. I can take a break time when I want to or when I can, for example, since I’m in school I can choose to take a break when I have a break time from classes. I have the freedom of choosing any type of religion, even though I know some people take offence when I say I don’t believe in any. I used to believe in Christianity when I was living in Mexico. I used to go to Catholic churches when I came to the U.S.A but not anymore. I used to believe in Buddhism but I don’t anymore because I can decide not to believe in any religion. I have the freedom of having any race or type of friends that I choose. If I want to become a homeless I also have the freedom to do so and the government will help. There is so much freedom of things you can do in America. All that I mention in the previous paragraph is related to race, ethnicity, and social class. It is related to race because I have the freedom to choose all different…

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