America 's Community As A State Of Decline Essay

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America’s community is full of diverse and opposing opinions on an array of topics. One of the main political topics talked about is the belief on whether or not America is in a state of decline. Decline can be defined in various ways, such as the decrease of influence over other countries, the actual downfall of a country and its’ people, or the plateau of growth in a country while others are rising, giving a declining effect. It is hard to classify America 's community into believing only one opinion, but it is split into two varied sides of a spectrum: many within America refuse to believe other countries are doing better than the United States, while others are accepting the newly powerful countries with open arms. This side of the spectrum heavily believes America is declining almost to a point of no return. The strongest reason for America 's decline is our current state of politics, which Zakaria titles as “a do-nothing politics”. The idea of a do-nothing politics is described by the belief that American politicians are not actually doing anything because they can 't come to a compromise on simple issues. This state of politics is dramatically affecting our country because if our politicians can 't come to an agreement on any issue, how do we expect to advance? Another reason Americans believe America is in a state of decline is because of the idea of the rise of the rest. While other Americans view the rise of the rest as having a positive effect on America, this…

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