Essay on America, The Land Of The Free

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The history of America is made of battles, conflicts and even wars in order to obtain and defend one of the most important principles, freedom. America, the land of the free, is today the home for a bit more than 300 millions of people with about 14% of immigrants, who have left their country to grab a piece of the American dream. From the early English travelers to the African slaves, and most recently the current immigrants, the American land has fulfilled most of its promises as demonstrated by the peaceful living of all the different races. However, the black history has a dark theme to it. First forcefully brought to this country as slaves, it took several laws, a secession of the confederate states, a civil war and three amendments before the black population obtained the right to vote. Despite the tremendous legal assets that guaranteed the blacks their freedom and their rights to vote during the Reconstruction, the white southerners were still opposed to the Black Suffrage. This disapproval was often strongly illustrated by the media during the Reconstruction. In this essay I am going to analyze a famous African-American representation in the media during this troubled period titled “Negro Suffrage Platform”, then place the image in the right historical context for a deeper understanding of events illustrated, in order to finally give my impressions about the image as a whole.

The image’s title written in the biggest font says: “The Constitutional amendment!” At…

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