America Is A Republic Or Democracy? Essay

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How America Has Transformed There has been a controversial argument of whether or not America is a republic or democracy. America has characteristics of being a republic, but overall America functions as an indirect democracy. The accurate definition of an indirect democracy is the country makes laws that are predominantly made by majority votes. The purpose of a democracy is for the country to be ruled by the people. This is what is currently happening in America to this day, but that does not mean our government is working appropriately. America has the ability to elect representatives to promote their views and beliefs. We the people have the capability to choose other people to make decisions for the rest of the country. This exhibits the accurate interpretation of an indirect democracy. Although, with the rise of wealth in America, the corruption of the government may be oblivious to the people of the United States. The manipulation of the government based on money is no mystery. The transition of America having more characteristics of a plutocracy government has risen over several decades. It is imperative that the country notice the imperfections that it now faces. Jim Hightower stated, “. . .across the country, the jobs, benefits, rights, and dignity of the workaday majority are under gubernatorial assault” (Hightower). The American people are missing the major important of current events such as presidential elections. In all elections, the presidential…

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