Ambivalence Essay

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Ambivalence For many clients a disruption within their life can occur when they feel pushes and pulls of compete ting feelings known as ambivalence or of two minds. Personally I can relate to how if the competing feelings are not addressed if cannot manage on own it can lead to a disruption of life. Personally I struggle with high anxiety, and depression. I have had moments within my life where my feelings feel mixed and require opposing responses which can become overwhelming. I found reading table 6.2 that listed common mixed feelings helped me to understand the mixed feelings, while the example exercise “I feel ______ about feeling (your recent strong emotions)” (pg.193) allowed me deeper understanding of those feelings which I will personally …show more content…
Empathy has an importance as a core condition in counseling and “… It is one of the most potent aspects of therapy, because it releases, it confirms, it brings even the most frightened client into he human race, if a person can be understood he or she belongs” (Rogers, 1987, p.181). This quote fills me with feeling of bitter sweetness. I am touched by the words and believe Rogers is correct and that so many clients just want and need to belong and be heard. Yet it is bittersweet because as a helper I am unsure if I possess the capabilities. The capabilities I need and want to be able to provide the sense of belonging that Rogers speaks through empathy that communicates understanding, and builds trust. Within the reading I found a specific sentence to be very powerful and inspiring as a helper even thou it was just a simple sentence it moved me. The sentenced stated “Counselors who accept the feeling of their clients help them accept themselves and their feelings” (pg. 197). It simply states and promotes self-determination, and self understanding that I believe to be extremely helpful for all people. I found it surprising that that clients can have both positive and negative reactions to empathy. Before reading the chapter I had originally though empathy would only have positive …show more content…
When a counselor has lots in common with a client I could understand why some may get lost in pure conversations rather than a counselor position. When this happens counselor may have difficulty separating their own experience from those of their clients creating empathic errors. Personally I believe I would have to pay great deal of attention to ensure I am providing services appropriately so I do not commit this error as I do tend to get lost in conversation and how I can relate. Even thou I want to be an empathic service provider the amount of work needed for empathic understanding appears to be exhausting process which is an added difficulty to achieving it. The work needed includes “managing and discovering feelings from the client’s verbal and non verbal communication” which are openly shared or hidden and also need to respond right away to their

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