Amb200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item1: Portfolio Sem2 2012

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AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item 1: Portfolio Sem 2 2012 | Student name: Ling Yan WongStudent number: 07633599 | Tutorial time: Wednesday, 11a.m.-12a.m.Tutorial number:Tutor: |


The consumer behaviour that I have selected is “choosing a restaurant for a special occasion”. In this case, I would like to choose a restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. The ideal restaurant should be brand new; the environment should be romantic and comfortable. The food needs to be delicious and delicate. I hope to find a romantic western style restaurant which with beautiful night views. Red wines
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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this tutorial, students should be able to: * explain their own complaining style and show how it might affect complaint outcomes * demonstrate the importance of managing expectations to customer satisfaction * summarise the possible outcomes of dissatisfaction

Part A – Knowledge

1. Briefly describe a situation where a company has made you feel dissatisfied.
(Examples may be: mistake on a bill/payment/charge, late delivery, incorrect item, product/service was faulty, rude service staff.)

There were rude service staffs in a high class restaurant when I reached a restaurant and celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday few months ago. After we seated, there was no one come to us and no menu was provided, we waited for 10 minutes for the menu. After we made our choice on the food, we would like to order, we asked a waiter who just passed through our table, however, he just said: sorry, I’m busy. Then walked away, it takes us another 10 minutes to wait for the staff that came to take the order for us. And the most nonsense thing was, we took 30 minutes to wait for the food and when we asked the staff: sorry, we have been waiting so long for our food, can you make it faster. He said we did not order anything. The service attitude of the restaurant really upset me and my boyfriend. We do not think we would have meal in that restaurant again.

2. Your attitudes

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