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Amazon E-Commerce Evaluation and Recommendations
Estevan Pena
Devry University
E-Commerce for Small Business


Amazon is E-commerce Company, Amazon got its start as an online bookstore, but as the industry evolved so did Amazon. Amazon has become one of the largest online retailers now selling a variety of products including electronics, DVDs, CDs, video games, clothing, and general merchandise in the world. Today is the largest Internet-based company in the United States. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 was the release of the first online bookstore, Inc. revolutionized the industry. Amazon’s initial entry into the book industry was a bold and strategic move competing with traditional Brick and
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Amazon’s mission is to create a place where customers can visit and literally find anything they might want to purchase online. By the use of its superior technology and infrastructure, the online superstore continues to take advantage of their Web Services to provide access to a variety of business to developers and growing enterprises.

Method of Business

Amazon has changed the way consumers shop and spends their money, due to the fact that they can provide all the same products as their competitors but at a more economical rate as well as much faster. Amazon serves upwards of 130 million consumers on a weekly basis a significant amount more than is closest competitor. The company’s main focus is on its vast selection, convenience as well as their low price; this is reinforced by their marketing strategy that focuses its attention to its ever improvement to the experience of their customers. By lowering cost, improving reliability, availability and offering faster delivery and performance times Amazon is able to gain the trust of its customers which is a hurdle that many online retailers fail to overcome.

Amazon Operated warehouses are used to fulfill customer orders using digital delivery and customer service centers all around the world. Functionality, efficient and reliable fulfillment, and quality customer service is why customers choose to shop with Amazon. Amazon’s B2B services allow business owners to use their

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