Amazing Grace Analysis

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Repertoire Assignment #1 Nov

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a popular Christian hymn about divine grace.

Who wrote the words to Amazing Grace? When was he born?
John Newton composed the lyrics of Amazing Grace. He was born in August 4th, 1725.

Describe the early career of the author.
He began as an English sailor under the command of a merchant navy captain. He struggled with employment losing his job due to his unsettled behavior. This was a trait that persisted for the rest of his life.

What turning point in his life led him toward Christianity? 1
He was raised in a Christian household but in the event of his mother’s death he fell into unsavory company. He faced many hardships throughout his life which caused him to fluctuate in his devotedness. The first turning point that inspired his love of God was a dream he had during his voyage to Venice. Three men visited him in this vision. The first gentleman gave him a ring that was said to promise all happiness. He
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The arrangement of Amazing Grace we are performing is a kind of theme and variations. (a) What do we mean by theme and variations? 1
The theme is the main, recurring melody throughout the composition. The variation is exactly what it is termed. It is the theme changed slightly and is usually towards the middle of the piece. It oftens appears in canons and more traditional songs. It has also made it way into modern songs but is not as common.
(b) There are three main sections to the piece. Describe how each section is different. Include in your answer things like the key, tempo, instrumentation, style etc. 6
Theme 1:
The first section is moderately slow and in three/four time. The key signature is F major and sounds quite hymn like. The melody is sweet and gentle carrying a soft innocence to it. The dynamics are soft and help to add to the gentle feel of the piece. The flutes and clarinets carry the main melody while the saxophones and trombones have a counter

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