Essay about Alternative Energy Sources For The Global Warming

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As energy becomes more scarce and and price continues to increase, the future of utilizing alternative energy sources will be essential to our planet. By using solar, hydroelectric and wind power as alternative energy sources, air pollution can be significantly reduced and the economy and environment can benefit.
Fossil fuels are finite resources that will eventually diminish, which will cause the price to retrieve these materials to skyrocket. “Coal, petroleum, natural gas, and other mined fuels provide 75% of US electricity and 93% of other US energy needs.” (Oxford Journals, Volume 52, Issue 12). Each of those resources previously listed are major contributors to the dangerous increasing rate of carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere causing global warming. According to the Oxford Journal, The United States emits 22% of the total CO2 released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. This percentage is significantly higher than any other nation. This rate is concerning considering the United States accounts for only about 4% of the world’s entire population. With the technological advancements made, the use of alternative energy sources is set to increase in the coming years as fossil fuels become more scarce.
One of the many alternative energy sources is obtained through the sun’s rays. Solar Power is produced by collecting the sun 's radiant energy and converting it into heat and energy. This type of power can be used directly for heating and lighting homes,…

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