Alternate Measure for Economic Performance Essay

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Business Sustainability
Alternate measure for Economic Performance
Jayant Kumar

An indicator is something that helps one to understand inclusive position, the path and how far one is from the point they want to be. A good indicator gives the alert about the problem before it gets too bad and helps to recognize things to do in-order to fix it. Indicators of sustainable community point to areas where the links between the economy, environment and society are weak. It allows one to identify the problematic area and helps the ways to fix restore it. GDP and profit currently dominate society’s discussions of economic performance. They shape the way people think about the economy and business, affecting their behavior and the
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GDP is an estimate of market throughput, adding together the value of all final goods and services that are produced and traded for money within a given period of time. It is typically measured by adding together a nation’s personal consumption expenditures (payments by households for goods and services), government expenditures (public spending on the provision of goods and services, infrastructure, debt payments, etc.), net exports (the value of a country’s exports minus the value of imports), and net capital formation (the increase in value of a nation’s total stock of monetized capital goods). Since its creation, economists who are familiar with GDP methodology have emphasized that GDP is a measure of economic activity, not economic well-being. In 1934, Simon Kuznets, the chief architect of the United States national accounting system, cautioned against equating GDP growth with economic or social well-being. The US Bureau of Economic Analysis’ description of GDP states the purpose of measuring GDP is to answer questions such as “how fast is the economy growing,” “what is the pattern of s pending on goods and services,” “what percent of the increase in production is due to inflation,” and “how much of the income produced is being used for consumption as opposed to investment or savings”. Since its evolution GDP continues to be misused as a scorecard for national

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