ALS Case Study Essay

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Storyline 1: 337th Munitions Squadron
Line 8 thru 13: PA01 Airmanship
Synopsis: A1C Hamburg is forced to wake SrA Ratner in order to avoid being late for roll call and it’s the third time in a week SrA Ratner overslept. Ratner references partying and drinking the night before.
I: The lesson principle illustrated in this instance is an Emergent Leadership issue, Wingman Concept more specifically.
D: A1C Hamburg practiced appropriate use of the wingman concept ensuring SrA Ratner was awake in order to avoid being late for roll call.
D: N/A
P: If A1C Hamburg continues his behavior in being a good wingman, it will reflect good upon him but if SrA Ratner continues making a habit of oversleeping, one day Hamburg may not be around to wake
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I: MSgt Vargas utilizes a stress management technique in her day to day; she has established a routine and it helps her manage the stress of being the NCOIC of the Munitions Accountability Section.
D: Appropriate. MSgt Vargas utilizes time management by establishing a routine and keeping to it. She also implores relaxation techniques by adhering to her quiet morning routine.
D: Nothing MSgt Vargas needs to do differently other than perhaps shutting and locking her office door as she goes about her quiet morning routine.
P: Whatever it is that MSgt Vargas does to manage the stress of being NCOIC and as a SNCO in the USAF, it works and it has worked; it has gotten her to a high level of responsibility and if she continues practicing effective time management there is no reason she cannot continue climbing the ranks within her organization and the AF.
Lines 40 thru 64: PA01 Airmanship
Synopsis: A conversation between SSgt Bartley (superior) and SrA Ratner (subordinate) discussing the finer points P2 and DDR.
Identify: This is another example of Airmanship (P2/DDR). SSgt Bartley recognizes that SrA Ratner lacks a real direction so elects to give him one by volunteering him for the base honor guard. SrA Ratner also lacks, to a certain degree, a level of professionalism that seems to hamper his effectiveness in the workplace.
Differentiate: SSgt Bartley got it right! His actions are effective and

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