Almost French Essay

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Almost French

Part 1 (Compulsory)

Sarah Turnbull, an Australian working as a freelance writer, meets a man named Frederic while in Bucharest. It was here where Sarah took him up on his offer to visit him in Paris. She never returns home because she discovered a new love not only for Frederic, but her new surroundings too. Sarah finally has a deeper understanding of the people around her. Throughout the novel, she continues to adapt to the French culture as best as she can. She comes to realize she is different due to how and where she was raised, but improves and adjusts gradually while she has continuous lessons in everyday life. I believe the main idea of her novel is her current state of being almost French, but never
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I think it is important for international travelers to understand other cultures, but still have a sense of their own culture in the back of their mind.

Part 3 (Interpersonal Communication)

12. How does the fact that Frederic and Sarah speak different languages create misunderstandings, sometimes hilarious? Have you ever experienced this?

Quotes from Chapter 3
The fact that Frederic and Sarah speak different languages can definitely make communicating rather frustrating at times, but the two make it work to the best of their abilities. For example, Sarah’s use of words confused Frederic when she complimented him on his “olive” skin tone. Frederic looked confused, and ended up asking her the next day, “Why did you say I was green?” Sarah found the mistake to be humorous, later ending up explaining to him that it was really a compliment. Although communication can be tricky at times for the two, I think speaking two different fluent languages fluently will benefit them both in the long run, and each day they are spending with each other they are learning new things and phrases.

13. What would you have done in Sarah’s place to cope with the frustrations of speaking in a foreign language?

If I was put in Sarah’s place, before traveling I would make sure I am comfortable with the basic vocabulary in the specific language. I think knowing commonly used words over anything else is vital because

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