All Proven Rapists, Pedophiles and Murderers Should Receive Capital Punishment

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“Capital punishment for all proven rapists, pedophiles, and murderers should be made the order of the day.”

In the eighteenth century, death penalty was used as the severe Punishment if a Person disobeyed the laws. Death penalty also known as Capital Punishment is the judicially ordered execution of a prisoner for a serious crime. The court, who administers the law enacted by parliament, will, after conviction of a criminal who has done serious offence, sentence him to be killed. It is believed by many, particularly those of religious persuasion that this type of punishment is inhumane and the practice should be abolished. I personally disagree with this opinion for several reasons.

As Stated above, death penalty
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Ironic or preposterous, this should not be!

This topic propelled extensive research for arguments in favor and against the topic. The aims and goals of this research is to answer as much questions as I possible can on this most timely topic. What is capital punishment? When did it commence in The Bahamas? What is the Capital Punishment procedure as it relates to “The Act?” What do religious teachings say about capital punishment? Does the death penalty deter crime? Are there any concrete evidence of positive or negative effect? What are the best ways to prevent possible murders in the future? What is the murder count in The Bahamas to date? I will attempt to answer these and more questions and also bring to light that a human life too important to be taken. By virtue of being human we all have rights; among them is the right to life. The right to life is considered to be universal and inalienable. Society has the right to punish as citizens have the right to be safe from dangerous people and to be protected from them.

Capital punishment: Is it right? Here we can look at the idea of the sanctity of life, which is the importance of life. Capital punishment for all proven rapists, pedophiles, and murderers should be made the order of the day.
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