All Inclusive Curriculum Of A University Of Chicago Education

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Empty stomach, empty mind. Like a brimming bowl of Chipotle, a University of Chicago education is customizable, satisfying, and hearty. The familiar amalgamation of rice and beans, meat and vegetables is the essence of any Chipotle product. This delicious bowl, however, is flexible: whether it be mild, medium, or hot, every single bowl will always contain a type of salsa. These broad categories (meat, beans, salsa) diverge into a variety of options (carnitas, sofritas, pinto, black), providing many paths to one destination. It is precisely this customizable template that emphasizes the distinct qualities of UChicago’s program of study. Every Chipotle bowl rests upon a delectable bed of cilantro-lime rice: the rice, or the foundation I wish to build upon, lies in the Core Curriculum. I have consistently emphasized a theme of a well-rounded, comprehensive education in high school. Out of my own volition, I have taken four years of each Core subject, seeking to create an all-inclusive curriculum of my own. Calculus and Philosophy, as I have discovered, are surprisingly compatible, as are Politics and Spanish—this marriage of several unexpected ingredients ultimately transforms mere items into a nourishing meal. My “Renaissance Man” approach towards my education has augmented my desire for a unique type of curriculum where I may explore my broad academic interests. Free to explore classes from each of the three Core categories, I can bolster my future career…

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