All Adults Should Be Prepared For Their Own Actions Essay

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All adults should be prepared to take responsibility for their own actions. If a gambler stakes his last £10 on a horse, he should be prepared to go hungry that night if his horse does not win. The gambler takes the risk and must accept the consequences. It is not only money that individuals will gamble with, some people regularly make choices which risk their health and like the gambler going to bed hungry, they should be prepared to have to pay for their decisions.

A subject that often arouses strong feelings, is whether the National Health Service should charge patients who require treatment for a self-inflicted injury, illness or disease? Every man and woman may feel entitled to live their lives as safely or as dangerously as they wish, but I believe that people who purposely ignore medical warnings are not the most deserving of the free medical care offered in this country. Such individuals should be asked to pay for the cost of treatment of diseases or injuries caused as a result of their poor personal decisions.

Each year health problems associated with smoking, alcohol abuse and obesity cost the NHS between £12 billion and £16 billion. This colossal amount of tax payer’s money could instead have been used to fund improvements within the health service, such as creating increased numbers of hospital beds, employing additional medical staff or procuring modernised equipment. Such improvements would benefit the broader community, but instead tax revenue is being…

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