Should Gambling Be Banned Essay

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Banned or regulate Imagine if you lost all of your money? What wiuld you do after ?Is gambling harmful to people? It can be especially teens start to gamble at twelve or maybe even younger. Teens gamble at many different games, poker, online poker, etc. Some teens committed crime to fund the habit or to pay off their debts. Some had even gone to the unthinkable; they commit suicide due the amount of money they lost. Many people debate about banning gambling on the bases of moral issues as well as restricting freedoms from people. Gambling is like a harmful drug that cause gamblers to suffer from financial ruin, depression, and loss of family morale. Gambling has a high risk of damaging teen’s fiancial and mental health.
There has
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In his opinion teens have more times to access internet gambling and have the credit cards to wager on the sites. He warns that teens have a higher risk of gambling addiction because they have more times to spend (Gambling 6). Internet gambling sites don’t just invite young people to play games; sites can links to pornography and sometimes child pornography (Gambling 1). Teens exposed towards pornography will then have the possibility of a new addiction towards pornography. Addiction towards pornography can ruin relationships in the …show more content…
cannot locate the criminals. In 2006, President George W. Bush signed act called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Internet gambling affects teens the most because today teens have access to computers than older people. “Seventy-two percent of spends four hours a day on the computer” (Gambling 2). Is very easy to access gambling sites, all they need is credit card number and time. With countless amounts sites and is just matter if they search them. Internet gambling don’t just cause teens to be desperate to commit crimes, they also destroyed their dreams and were forced to drop out (Gambling 2). National Collegiate Athletic Association aka NCAA showed an account of one student lost $5,000 on one interment wager on the Super Bowl, another student gamble away $10,000 on the internet over a period of three months (Gambling 2). Internet gambling is right on the rise with upcoming years; the addiction does not simply hurt gamblers. It leads to broken families, crimes, and financial ruins (Gambling 2). Overall Internet gambling is clearly a scam to trick teens, teens are easy target to be seduced into thinking every time they play, and they will win a fortune.
The United States government passed an act called Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This act forbids any credit cards, checks and electronic transfer of funds (Gambling 1). The creators

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