Alien Abduction Research Paper

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Do aliens have the power to change human brains? With all the insane events happening in the world, such as school shootings, it wouldn’t be hard to believe. Maybe aliens change people’s brains for bad, and maybe for good as well. Let's investigate these happenings with a caller who was abducted as a young girl. She even believes her birth was due to alien tech, since her mother couldn’t get pregnant. Are Americans at risk?

Aliens created human life and then did experiments on their test subjects.

Abducted girl believes she was created by alien tech. She believes to be the result of alien experiments. Her mother could not get pregnant, and thus was given cobalt radiation. Sudden pregnancy occurred a week later. Interesting and suspicious. Sofia was abducted several times throughout her life. It seems very exciting to talk to a person with firsthand experience of an alien abduction. Sofia had many tests ran on her, and she described her life as a series of strange events.
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Is the government doing secret tests on military families? Could aliens and officials be working together? There is no doubt that officials are doing tests on families without their knowledge, but probably not alien ones. Sofia could have been targeted by alien leaders due to her father’s job in the military. This would explain why she was repeatedly abducted and hooked up to several machines. Machines she says changed her brain forever.

Has alien research on humans led to the creation of cloned or engineered people controlled by aliens?

The tests that Sofia experienced as a child and the tests many other alien abductees experienced could be some sort of research that has led to the cloned or engineered human race. Could it be possible that some humans on Earth are simply products of aliens' experiments? Alien leaders could control these humans in order to carry out tasks, good and

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