Essay about Alexander The Great, Son Of King

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Alexander the Great, son of King Philip II of Macedonia and conquer of Persia, Syria, Mesopotamia, Bactria, and the Punjab, was the most influential and remembered leaders of his time. The reason I picked such a difficult leader to study was because it fascinated me that, even after all this time, his name is still well known. Though he didn’t live very long, he will always be remembered for his spectacular military achievements.

From a very young age, Alexander was very ambitious. He went through many different teachers that all had trouble keeping his attention. When he was eight, there was a horse that was named untamable. His father, King Philip was just about to get rid of the horse until Alexander told him that it wouldn’t be right to give up on the horse just because no one was brave enough to master him. He then volunteered to be the one to tame the beast and succeeded to ride him in front of a gasping audience. The horse was given to Alexander and he named it Bacephalas. He rode him into many major battles and eventually named a city after it as well. A common belief is that his mother was the primary source for his ambitious and rather narcissistic personality. She told him he was destined for greatness and even that he was descended from divinity. Her goal was to make sure that he would be the only one to take the thrown after his father. It is commonly believed that she was responsible for King Philips death. He was murdered in cold blood by his own bodyguard.…

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