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History has changed over the years. Many historical people helped make our country the way it is today. Alexander Hamilton was one of the historical figures that has made an impact in our history. Hamilton became General George Washington’s assistant, he served as the nation’s first secretary of treasury, and he accomplished multiple other tasks which impacted history. Hamilton was an extremely successful man, even though he and his family had many difficulties in their life. One of Hamilton’s known quotes was, “I never expect to see a perfect work from an imperfect man.” This quote means that even if you do not have the right education, you can still be successful in life.
Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1757, on the island of
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Hamilton led his own practice after completing a short apprentice in New York City. Alexander attended the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787 and was part of an essay writing campaign. Hamilton was starting to become more well known and getting to have a say in important things. “Attending the Continental Congress as a New York delegate from November 1782 through July 1783, he unsuccessfully labored, along with James Madison and other nationalists, to invest the Confederation with powers equal to the needs of post revolutionary America.” ( Alexander Hamilton was sharing his ideas about rhe Continental …show more content…
Hamilton was chose by General George Washington to be the secretary of treasury. General George Washington and Hamilton had a very strong relationship because Alexander did work for George Washington as his assistant. After being Washington’s secretary of treasury for seven years, he returned to Manhattan to practice as one of the attorney’s. There he served as the New York delegate and discussed with other people about fixing the Articles of Confederation.
Hamilton had a contribution to the ratification of the Constitution. “In October 1787 he determined to write a series of essays on behalf of the proposed Constitution” ( He wrote most of, The Federalist, which was written to persuade the people of New York to ratify the Constitution. Out of the eighty-five essays wrote in, The Federalist, Hamilton wrote fifty-one. The other two men that helped him write it was John Jay, and James Madison.
In January 1775, Alexander Hamilton retired from working in the office. Even though he did retire from the office, he still stayed as President George Washington’s advisor. Throughout Hamilton’s entire life, he was always into politics so, he attempted to persuade some of the electors to put in their vote for Thomas Pinckney. Somehow, people found out about what Hamilton attempted, so they didn’t show much trust in him

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