Essay on Alcohol Consumption Among King David High School Students

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Research question
An analysis of alcohol consumption among King David High School students
Recently I watched a movie called 10 Things I Hate About You (1999). One of the main characters of the movie: ‘Kat’, is a teenager in high school who does not fit in with her peers and completely rejects social norms. One night she unwillingly, after incessant pleading of her socially ‘regular’ sister, attends a party. After having a difficult time trying to be comfortable at this party she turns to alcohol, after taking a shot of hard liquor and being asked about it, Kat replies: “I’m getting trashed man. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do at a party?”, later on that night, when it is clear Kat is heavily drunk, she provocatively dances on a table for all her peers to see and thereafter falls off of the table, bumps her head, and gets a concussion. When she returns to school the following Monday, Kat is continually ridiculed about her highly embarrassing drunken actions.

Ever since I arrived in the senior part of High School, I have attended countless parties where alcohol has been served and students are very eager to drink alcohol in excess and become highly intoxicated as a result thereof.
It is at these parties where I have watched students throw up, make poor decisions, and engage in risky behaviour. I know students who have been hospitalized as a result of alcohol poisoning as well as make other bad decisions while under the influence of alcohol, which has…

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