Essay on Alcohol And Drug Abuse Made An Effect On Me Since My Father

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The topic of Alcohol and Drug abuse made an impact on me since my father was an alcoholic until just recently. My father wasn’t the type to get drunk in front of his family so he wouldn’t drink so much to make himself drunk. In a way, he did somewhat know how to control his drinking, but he still did drink more than someone his age should and anyway you cut it, alcohol was still bad for his health.. At first I didn’t know what was so addicting about Alcohol or what inside it made it so addicting to people, then during this semester while taking this class, I learned that the substance in beer and other alcoholic drinks that made it addicting was called ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Furthermore, I learned the reason my dad didn’t get drunk easily since before I thought that drinking three to six cans of beer would get you drunk, but I was wrong, instead three to six twelve oz drinks is around the legal limit of having a BAC of zero point zero eight for people weighing from one hundred to one and eighty pounds depending if you have a faster metabolism and the type of beer, if it has a higher percentage of alcohol in it. I also learned how many drinks a week will put you at risk of developing an addiction which is fifth-teen drinks if you are a man, and if you are a woman then its twelve drinks. From seeing my father drink so much more than this, I can see that he was really addicted to drinking since he would drink about eighteen to twenty one cans of beer a week.
At first, I…

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