Internal Influences Of Alcoholism

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Being addicted to the consumption of alcohol liquor is known as alcoholism. Alcoholism is classified as both a mental and physical disease. Abusing the substance is self-determinant at first but over time becomes a habit, causing the person to lose control of how much to consume, thus becoming an alcoholic. Even though the cause of alcoholism is still unknown, it is known that dependency happens when you drink so much that chemical changes in the brain occur. These chemical changes in the brain increase the pleasurable feelings you get when you drink alcohol, which makes you want to drink more and more.
There are currently more than fourteen million alcoholics in the U.S as of 2015. Of the fourteen million, 1.5 million are teenagers. It
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Although it is unknown what exactly causes alcoholism it is believed both external and internal influences take a toll. Internal influences involve the individual’s thoughts and state of mind. A divorce, economic struggle, or death of someone you know can affect you mentally, thus turning to alcohol. External influences involve friends, the environment you live in, and acceptance. Being peer pressured to drink is common in teenagers, alongside wanting to “fit in” or “be cool.” A few drinks over time can become a habit and eventually lead to …show more content…
The first type of alcoholism is Alpha Alcoholism. Alpha alcoholism is the act of the individual being psychologically dependent on alcohol. This type of alcoholism is when the person depends on alcohol to get rid of emotional pain or something going on in their life. That is why this type of alcoholism is generally called "problem drinking". Some people do this type of alcoholism to get rid of their problems, temporarily at least. The second type of the alcoholism is called Beta. It does not involve either psychological or physical dependence on alcohol. But yet worse on your body than Alpha Alcoholism because the heavy drinking may lead to heart disease, cirrhosis, liver cancer, and kidney problems. Beta alcoholics have a shortened life expectancy and suffer from financial and emotional demands due to excessive over drinking. Just like smoking, alcohol costs money, the demand for alcohol will get to the point of pinching every penny to just get one more

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